The banking career is useful in many ways. Not only does the bank make it possible for money to flow between players in the game, but it helps Gangsters clean dirty money and grants poor players loans to get them back on their feet. In order to even get started in the banking career, a player requires a business degree. This may be studied at the local university for $4000, training once per 20 minutes. (A degree may also be chosen at the beginning of a character's life.) Then the player must do about 20 'Bank Teller' earns to rank to the 1st of 3 ranks.

A Bank teller serves customers at the local bank. As a bank teller, you can launder dirty cash and make it clean. To launder, go to the laundering option and select the contact you want to launder for. You can launder for someone as much as you like - there is no time limit. The going rate is around 6%. You can read more about laundering here. After around 100 bank teller earns and a few launders, you will reach the next rank. 

A Loan Officer is allowed to issue loans out to those who request it. You can do this from the Loan option on the Income menu. You are still able to launder money. After a few more earns and if there is a spot available in your city, you may become Bank Manager! (One per city)

The Bank Manager has many options. They can set the interest rates, prices on laundering, whether the bank accepts dirty cash, view how much money is in the bank, and many more options. Bank Manager is one of the longest ranks to achieve, but one of the fun ones as well. Bank Managers get 2.5% of all bank funds from laundering (not 5%) and can close bank accounts. The bank's options may be set via the Manage Business menu.

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