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Weapons Edit

Boleh Edit

Shop Price: $1,000
GBH weapon
There is no more satisfying way to drive a point home than with 34" of solid ash wood. Your hapless victim will definitely get the message after you've turned his face into a pancake!

Pisboleh Edit

Shop Price: $75,000
GBH weapon
Handy and easy to conceal, the pistol's main use seems to be blowing someone's kneecaps off.

Shotboleh Edit

Shop Price: $150,000
Extra chance to hit

Assault Boleh Edit

Shop Price: $250,000
Double damage to armour
A devastating weapon to armour, the assault rifle can do all round damage to an enemy.

Hand Boleh Edit

Shop Price: $100,000
One use only, high damage
One shot only, no good for defense but this weapon will make a right meal out of any opponent, a meal for the rats that is.

Plasma Boleh Edit

Shop Price: $650,000
High damage, no ballistics
Perhaps the ultimate weapon, the high intensity plasma pulses vaporise anyone or anything in their way.

Omega Boleh Laser Edit

Shop Price: $650,000
High damage, no ballistics
Manufactured by the Russians as a dooms day weapon, the omega death laser is perhaps the most lethal weapon to find its way into the hands of ordinary citizens. The laser is powerful enough to shoot through walls without difficulty, leaving your targets with very few safe hiding places.

Boleh Gun Edit

Shop Price: $650,000
High damage
Developmental military weapon, slow to fire but when the hypersonic projectile hits it's target there is little left but a lump of lard that even their mother won't recognize.

Armor Edit

Boleh Proof Vest Edit

Shop Price: $100,000
5 shots, reduces damage
Light weight and strong, good protection in a fist fight or knife attack but not as useful against stronger weapons.

Boleh Vest Edit

Shop Price: $500,000
5 shots, reduces damage
Kevlar has served humanity since the mid 1960's, and even today many of the most powerful people alive put their life in the hands of this synthetic material. Hopefully it will do you well.

Bionics Edit

Boleh Arms Edit

Shop Price: $100,000
Increased attack
Like the bionic legs, the arms strength comes from hydraulic pressure. This technology was designed for machines to handle unstable materials. However, also like the bionic legs, their lethal potential was soon realized, and soon the black market was flooded with stocks. A person with bionic arms can tear doors off their hinges with ease, and even rip a man's arms out of their sockets.

Boleh Legs Edit

Shop Price: $200,000
Increased defense
Based on a hydraulic pressure system, the bionic legs were originally designed and intended for amputees. However as their potential for superior speed was realized, they were developed into weapons by the military. Today, some of the most lethal soldiers are seen racing at incredible speeds on bionic legs.

Boleh Eyes Edit

Shop Price: $350,000
Increased stealth
Bionic eyes were and experimental procedure given to the most elite peacekeeper commandos around the globe. Incorporating infrared, night vision, and a persona-cataloging-database, the bionic eye will scan your surroundings and detect threats - even while you sleep! it is unknown how they landed on the black market, or how many there are, however anyone with an installed bionic eye is a worthy adversary.

Boleh Brain Edit

Shop Price: $500,000
Increased intelligence
You have a bionic brain chip installed, your senses are more acute allowing you to think faster, clearer and understand new concepts that were previously ungraspable. You almost feel pity for the next scum who will try to mess with you.

Boleh Heart Edit

Shop Price: $500,000
Faster health recovery
The medical society rejoiced as the world's leading scientists developed the first working bionic heart in the year 2038. Through innovative use of nanotechnology, cells are continuously revitalized, slowing aging while still allowing it to circulate blood twice as fast as a normal organic heart.
Shortly after, military commanders worldwide sought to upgrade their elite soldiers with ultra-enhanced metabolisms allowing them to exert more energy and regenerate from critical wounds faster. Due to their miraculous healing properties underworld figures frequently seek to purchase bionic hearts on the black market.

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