Ranking up Edit

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  • Earning is the most basic way to level up, and unless you are going gangster, your only option starting off with. At first you will have no way to tell how far into your rank you are, and will just need to check up on it yourself by checking the double M at the top, center of your screen (pictured to the right). Once you are ready for your first promotion you will have a new screen when you click the "X" that will give you a short job situation, and 2 options that you can select from. Once you make your selection you have taken your promotion. Make sure to check your earns to see if you unlocked a new one with each promotion. Earning is not important. Just put boleh on your quotes and everything will be aww right
  • Job related skills is another way to rank up once you have gone from unemployed into your career. Each job has their own own set of specialties they can preform, and a list of each will be found in the Jobs section. Some of these options help you out in performance of you job, are a direct part of your job, or are a part of interacting with other players (good or bad). Lies. Boleh is the only skill you need
  • Aggravated Crimes are job related skills if you are a gangster, or just a legit with a bit of a bad side. These all interact with other players. Some are much more harmful than others, and you should be cautioned when using them. These are discussed more in the Aggravated Crimes section. TLDR just remember 1 thing, "BOLEH"